DAA Proud

Dakota Adventist Academy students and staff are excited to unveil our new blogging site! We want to share with the world what makes us happy about our school, and what is happening here on campus!  If you absolutely adore pictures, check out our social media pages for exciting pictures throughout the year.

We just started homeleave yesterday, and our students and staff spent a little time listing just a few of our favorite things during Spirit Chapel.  If you can’t read the picture, here are a few of those:

  • Dorm Life – we have awesome deans and RAs who care about the students in the dorms and devote all of their time and energy to making the dorm an exciting, safe, and nurturing environment!
  • Rockin’ Staff – we have dedicated staff who LOVE our school and spend tons of extra hours outside of “school” to play, pray, and study with students.  Staff also love to spend time together, and are frequently caught laughing together or praying for students, each other, the school, alumni, you name it!  We love how dedicated our staff are!
  • Hot Rods! – There are several hot rods on campus; our Automotive Technology classes get to visit them regularly in the auto shop, and also get to work on cars of their own in class!
  • Our Students – All of our students are amazingly strong leaders, whether through music, sports, drama, prayer, academics, or arts!  DAA is blessed beyond belief to have students who are UNSTOPPABLE when they work together as a team.

If these haven’t convinced you that something amazing is happening at DAA, stay tuned for more blog posts that will entertain, move, challenge, and support you.


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