My Midian

I didn’t grow up Adventist. I was born and raised in northeastern South Dakota in an extremely conservative and extremely religious Christian church, which in general held that to become more educated is to become more worldly. Being destined to a monotonous and horrendously boring life, I spent much time dreaming impossible dreams of saving the world, superhero style. Only once did I entertain the thought of pursuing a high school education in mainline society, but I immediately dismissed this notion, submitting to my conviction that saving the world was much more feasible.

But God, with whom “all things are possible,” led me to Dakota Adventist Academy,

which has been to me what Midian was to Moses—a place where I’ve unlearned many false ideas about who God is, a place where I have not only acquired knowledge “more precious than rubies,” self-confidence, and thinking and working abilities, but also a more complete picture of the character Christ.

— Lenaya W., senior at DAA


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