Enrich Your Art Skills at DAA

DAA offers enriched diplomas for students who take art classes for four years. It will be shown on your portfolio, so you can use it to apply to any art school you chose. During art class, you start off learning how to draw simple things such as: boxes, circles, cylinders, spheres and more. Later on, as your drawings get better, you will be able to draw to a higher standard of drawing. – Nina, class of 2020

The art program at DAA is really good because everyone loves art and even if you aren’t good at art, our teacher will help you do your best. The students at DAA are very awesome because they have learned how to do art and do it with passion.

Abby, class of 2018

Art here is very interesting because it can make a blank piece of paper into a lively work of art.

I love DAA and its art program. – Cecilia, class of 2019

At our high school we have an amazing art program. I like to draw with my friends during art and I enjoy listening to music during the art period. Art makes me very relaxed and happy. – Cherry, class of 2019

The art program here at DAA is superb! Before attending DAA, I hated painting with a passion. But Mr. Way has taught the students in the art class to open our eyes and how to love painting.

Art, personally, has become a stress outlet and a way to relax.

If I complete four years of art I will be able to receive an enriched diploma and add to my portfolio. Art has become one of my favorite things about DAA and I love it. – Hannah, class of 2018

I really enjoy art class. Even though this year it is in the early morning. I like to watch people improve over the year or even years. The Art IV students have improved so much much since their freshman year. The enriched diploma is a nice plus to add to art class. I

love art, and to get a special diploma for doing what I love is nice. I have thought about going to art school, and getting a portfolio from my four years of art at DAA helps a lot. If you come to DAA, I recommend taking art because even if you aren’t a great artist you can learn and become great. – Jaelyn, class of 2017


Featured image by Hannah, class of 2018


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