Seniors – Why You Shouldn’t Give Up After Christmas Break

I know you all have been told time and time again how to get through your senior year. You’ve been given tips from previous seniors, teachers, parents, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.. It starts to get a little stressful even before your senior year starts. As you well know, it gets worse as the days go by.  Thoughts of classes, drama, graduation, and what to do after graduation are wreaking havoc on your poor, fried brain. By the time second semester rolls around, you want to give up.  But don’t give in to those thoughts.  There is so much to look forward to during second semester! There’s class trip, the many senior focused functions with friends and family, signing the yearbooks of the friends that turned into family over the years, your senior research paper and speech are over with, the many letters from colleges, and most importantly GRADUATION. Graduation is coming. You’re almost there! You’ve got this!

This semester will go by faster than you realize. Hold onto the good memories you make. I promise they’ll get you through graduation and the next couple months.  That and good food.  Food is always great.  But seriously, I know each of you can make it through.  Don’t freak out about the little things! Just let the problems slide, because the more time you spend worrying means that you have less time to have fun.  Trust me it’s worth it. I can’t wait to watch you all walk down the sides of the auditorium in your robes and open another chapter in your life. You got this!

  • Rylee Jo Peterson

P.S.  Please keep up with your classes and finish off the year with good grades!


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