College Observations

The three most common freshman orientation stereotypes.

I didn’t really know what to expect when I first got Union.  Would the students be friendly, mean, or just not care about your existence.  People will tell you what to expect but you really can’t know until you yourself experience the ordeal.  On the first day of orientation,  I looked upon the room full of tiny, scared little freshman souls just like me and began to pick out the stereotypes.  The first stereotype is the “I Need To Know Every Single Person’s Name Stereotype”.  This group consists of the then high school kids who were the popular kids everyone loved who were striving for that popular stand once again, athletes, outgoing people, and normal people wanting to make friends. The next group is the “I’m Super Shy but I Want Attention Stereotype”.  This group consisted of the super shy kids who didn’t have their friends to get them through and the people whose parents followed them everywhere.  You could see them trying to get out there into the masses. Some failed and some succeeded.  Finally, the last group. This group I called the “I Don’t Want To Be Here Stereotype”.  This group was comprised of people who didn’t want to be anywhere near the awkward ice breakers or the crazed people trying to make as many friends as possible.  You can find these students either at the back of the event, hiding in a corner, or holed up in their room just ready to be done with this idiocracy.  I personally was in this group. If I even went to an event, I sat in the back counting down the minutes until I could run back to my room and get away from these crazy people. I regret that decision to be in that stereotype.  I’ve made a grand total of 3 friends that aren’t from DAA or GVR at Union this semester which is both sad and drama free, but I wish I had been one of those crazed college freshmen learning everyone’s names and making friends. So moral of the story, once you get to college and freshman orientation starts up, don’t sit in the back with your feet up and your arms crossed. Go out into the mob and make some friends.  You’ll be better off for it!

  • Rylee, class of 2016

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