SA Fall Picnic

Fall picnic is always one of the most exciting parts of the year.  But this year one specific part stuck out to me.  One of the activities that we were doing this year was apple bobbing.  Easy, right?  Not quite.  All the teams were lined up, ready to go, excited to start the event.  Our team was slightly off to the side, shuffling nervously, trying to convince each other of who would go first.  “‘You go first, your faster!’, ‘No no no, you’re lighter than I am!'”, were a few of the things called out.  All of a sudden we heard Mr. Davis yell, “Ready!  Set!  Go!”

Jadyn and I scrambled forward, immediately forgetting about our prior quarrels.  We made it to the pool and she dropped to her knees.  I quickly reached out and grabbed her feet, anxiously waiting for her to retrieve an apple.  All of a sudden it seemed as though her arms gave out on her and she dove face first into the water.  The pool overflowed and people began falling in the mud that was made.  Jadyn came out with an apple and we raced back to the team, her being drenched and me slightly muddy. IMG_7537

Picture is of Josh Bovee with a successful apple retreaval.

Our team drove on and by the end of the event our team and many others were soaked through with water and had muddy knees and feet.  We eagerly waited as the apples were counted and it turned out that our team took second!  We cheered with joy and happily congratulated each other as we laughed at what messes we were.

I will definitely remember this year’s SA Fall Picnic!

Jaelyn Pickett

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