There will be lots of new changes that will occur for next year, but we are very excited for the new opportunities they will bring. Change is something that everyone has to go through in life and we all need to learn to deal with. As students, there are a few ways we can cope with change. Finding the silver lining in any given situation is one of the most suggested coping mechanisms. Looking on the bright side of things can lighten the all-around mood. Another way to cope with stress is to accept the past but fight for the future. In doing this you can better your situation and keep moving on in life.

This coming year, we will be losing a few staff but also gaining a few. We are eagerly awaiting the ideas and perspectives they will bring. Changes don’t have to be a sad thing. Classes next year will be just a little bit different. Other teachers will be taking on the task of teaching our Bible classes. This is exciting because it will give new views and ideas on curriculums.

Another change that will be coming is the possibility of mission trips next year. The possible places are Peru, Africa, and India. If we have enough students, we will hopefully be able to go to Peru for a building trip. The Africa trip will also be a building trip but we would be joining Sunnydale on the trip. The trip to India would be an evangelistic trip during which we would be speaking to various youth and spreading God’s word. Another thing to look forward to next year is that our Acrolights team will be going to Southwestern for Acrofest for the first time in a while. At Acrofest our team will have the chance to learn new skills and improve on old ones. While we are there we will interact with other schools and make new friends.

We know that this next year is going to be different, and that change is hard to get through, but each year brings constant change. We made it through this year and we will continue to do the same for years to come.

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