All About SA!


Winter Wonderland Banquet 2015

I love this school’s student association, all the students are cool and fun. SA is one of the coolest because they host parties like fall party, Christmas party, etc. Once you come to DAA, the students become your family and you will stay connected for eternity. The students can vary from different countries coming from Africa to China and more. You are able to learn about all the different cultures from them. This year the freshman have 12 students, 10 girls and two boys, I’m one of them. Fall fest is one of my favorite associations in the school, all the classes get to have three or less booths and they raise money for their class trip for their senior year. – Bryce, class of 2020


banquet-leticiaStudent Association (SA) is made up of six students- Hannah, Richard, Robbie, Trevor, Lenaya and myself along with three faculty members- Mrs. Jeana, Mr. Schwarz, and Mr. Davis. It is our job as SA, to plan the school’s activities such as banquet, spirit week, fall fest, etc. We try to do the best of our abilities to make the school year as enjoyable as possible. Our diverse group, having four members being not of the American culture, helps come up with many different ideas and activities. We love students input and also try to base our group around God. One way we do this is by having a weekly prayer meeting and group where we pray for specific students and faculty. SA not only makes the school year more enjoyable, but is super fun for the group itself- I really suggest joining SA at least once during your high school years. -Leticia (SA Secretary), class of 2018


An Evening at the Beach Banquet 2016

When I was a freshman, Taylor Woodruff was the SA president. I looked up to her, and told myself that I too would become SA president. If you has known me as a freshman, you couldn’t have agreed less that something like that would be possible. I was really scared to talk to people, and when I did talk I was so harsh that I scared those I was talking to. I was a hermit, and all I did was homework. People literally wondered if I was mute. But thanks to the many awesome role models at DAA, I changed. I ran for SA president last year, not because of the promise I made to myself, but regardless I won. DAA has allowed me to make progress, to develop, and to grow in Christ. DAA changed my destiny (but only with my consent and effort). – Lenaya (SA President), class of 2017

Group Tubing, SA Christmas Party


Student Association or SA is the best. It is very to be a part of that group. This is my second year being an officer and I love it. The experiences and friendships you make are amazing. And when you put hard work into planning an activity and it turns out well, you feel very good about it and almost overjoyed. SA goes on trips and does so much more. If you are ever thinking about running for SA, I greatly encourage it. You start off the year by going down early to a camp and have fun and bond for three days. SA becomes a very strong team after that experience. If you want a fun way to get your ideas out there, then join SA, it will be completely worth it. – Robbie (SA Sergeant-at-Arms), class of 2017


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