What is Acrolights?

The Acrolights program is AMAZING. Being only a freshman and has never done acro or gymnastics before, I think I am improving a lot. The coaches and students are very encouraging. They help in any way they can so we can get better. In acro, we have done a series of tumbling routines and started on many group routines. We have done two highs, elevators, helicopter and a two high into a handstand like an elevator. I cannot wait to see what else we are going to do in the rest of the year. –Savannah, class of 2020

We have a program here called Acrolights. It is our gymnastics program. It is not like the normal gymnastics you see at the Olympics, but more like intense cheerleading and tumbling. My first year we did lots of group moves like elevators, butterflies, arabians and more. But this year we are doing a combination of tumbling and group moves. What I like about our team is that even if you are kind of that in between size, in between a top and a base, we still have a spot for you! We also become very close because when you are being thrown way up into the air, you have to trust that somebody is going to catch you. Gymnastics is FUN! – Jadyn, class of 2019

Acrolights is a way to test mind, body, and soul.
Mind – one must be quick of wit to be a productive part of the team. When someone is falling, you must be quick to do your part.
Body – while being a part of this team, your body goes through much exercise and labor. There are ties you may need to hold several hundred pounds.
Soul – Acrolights is all about showing Jesus to people in a new way. This is sure to rub off on you for the better and grow you personally and as a team. – Paul, class of 2018


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